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Pineal Gland Optics cover - Acoustic Meshuggah

2013.12.25. 22:45 GyZ

An acoustic cover of the Meshuggah song "Pineal Gland Optics".Merry Christmas, All!Lyrics :how come I shiver, hurt and bleed,if in dreams I cannot truly feelwho would dare say, who would claimthis hallucination isn't realsynaptical glitch looking glassso enticing, real and free of liesprodigious,…

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Címkék: music metal cover gyz Meshuggah Pinel Gland Optics Pineal Gland Optics cover

Chopin Cthulhu - a Fantasie Impromptu Extravaganza!

2013.12.14. 04:53 GyZ

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Címkék: Chopin Cthulhu Frederic Fantasie Impromptu