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Deeply Underrated - BioShock 2 review

2013.06.17. 12:38 GyZ

Bioshock 2 information: used (in order of appearance)"NIGHTMARE" by Artie Shaw"Libertango" by Astor Piazzolla "Mimosa" by Biréli Lagrène

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Címkék: rapture review Bioshock 2 2K Games

Kozmoszpunci Fényfosások

2013.06.15. 16:34 GyZ

anonim alkoholista: "Where is the key, then, on where to stand to look at your experience and to deal with it in ways that clear old suffering and that welcome and invite transformation and rebirth? In one sense, the key is to stop thinking and to be. We have said innumerable times to this group…

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Ain't that a kick in the head - cover

2013.06.04. 14:45 GyZ

GyZ covers the song : Ain't that a kick in the head by Dean Martin. Listen in HD please.Lyrics :how lucky can one guy beI kissed her and she kissed melike the fellow once said,"ain't that a kick in the head?"the room was completely blackI hugged her and she hugged backlike a sailor said,…

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Címkék: music swing cover gyz Dean Martin fabulous New Vegas